Time for an update!

As you may have noticed we have been busy over the last few weeks as we expanded the WhatUpTime.com website to include coupons, top hosts and community forums. In addition to the new content we also tweaked the advertisement locations to ensure they are less intrusive and fully compatible with mobile devices (Phones & Tablets).

Beyond the website changes we have also been hard at work on the Microsoft Windows templates as we expand the compatibility to include Digitial Ocean, Vultr & Linode. 

Microsoft Windows Templates Beta! – Over the next several days and weeks we will be adding new templates to our mirrors in the “beta” directory. All templates being added we be new builds of the current templates with new drivers and a few minor changes to improve support & compatibility with Digital Ocean, Vultr & Linode.

We welcome everyone to try the new beta templates and provide feedback via the community forums.

NOTE: Please do understand the beta templates may not be fully operational. The templates may include faulty drivers and as such the OS may fail to boot once installed.

DC2 Mirror (France): http://onlinenet-dc2.mirror.whatuptime.com/

Coupons – We are actively gathering and listing coupons for web hosting and related services. We welcome everyone to submit new coupons via our submission form here.

New coupons will be added all the time, check back often new ways to save bank!

Community Forums – The new community forums are now online and ready for you!

As it stands now the community forums will be focusing on providing an avenue for community users to post issues they are facing with the Microsoft Windows templates as well as basic chit chat. As time progresses we will be looking to expand the forums, but for now we want to keep it nice and simple.

Top Hosts – The “Top Hosts” section has been designed to provide a list hosting providers everyone should consider using as they provide some of the best service in the industry.

All providers listed have been used personally for an extended period of time by at least one of WhatUpTime.com admins.

More updates to come, stay tuned!

Updates, Betas, Changes & More!

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